Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What the Fudge?

What the fudge? It's colder here in Phoenix than it is in New York today?! Cold weather equals comfort food. Comfort food equals heavy meals. All good, all wonderfully comfy, and all justified. Mother Nature's power never seizes to amaze. In the dessert realm, fudge is up there in comfort food royalty. Today, fudge reigns supreme. If you need a fudge fix you must go to Florence Fudge Co. in Florence, Arizona.  I recently stopped there for a little day trip and felt like I had gone to a town that the wild west certainly has not forgotten. 

I couldn't decide on just one fudge to buy and try. So I got me a quartet: 


Chocolate Fudge with Walnuts - all dressed up and ready for a party. If you like walnuts and chocolate, you will love this inspired treat.


Mint Chocolate Fudge - a dense slice of thin mint heaven, with one of the prettiest mint green bottoms this side of the Mississippi.

Snickers Fudge - OK, that's just comfort food genius and if you love Snickers, then you will love its relation here.


Butter Pecan White Fudge - butter and pecans is its own private confection - all elegant and full of manners.


Bakery Travelers: FUDGE is NOW. Go to Florence and get the real deal in all sorts of hand crafted flavors.

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