Friday, February 1, 2013

Sweet Stroll - urbantable

Behold, the Peppered Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie from urbantable in Phoenix. You're wondering about the "peppered" part, aren't you? It's a fascinating, subtle "umph" that totally works with this cookie. At first bite, I tasted the standard, quality, moist and perfect oatmeal and chocolate chip cookie available from many places. But then, I noticed it - like a flicker of peppery light on my taste buds. Pepper! But perfect - in fact, outstanding. The pepper makes this cookie stand out from its peers. It makes the cookie slightly addictive - kind of like, wow, is that really pepper that is working wonders here? Oh, let me take another bite to be sure.  

And so it goes.

Urbantable Phoenix has a facebook page and their address is below. I had the good fortune of receiving one of their cookies from the recent Blended Conference.


Thanks for sharing. Loved every bite!

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