Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Two for Tuesday: Aarti and Her Taste in Translation

I have discovered a show that is becoming one of my favorite foodie shows.  It is called Taste in Translation, and its host is the wonderful foodie chef Aarti Sequeira. I just love her.  Knowing my penchant for travel and exploring the world in taste, you'll see why this show is now a favorite.

Here is what this show is all about (details are from Cooking Channel TV):


"Taste in Translation is an international taste-trotting tour of the world's most popular and flavorful food. You'll travel far and wide, over a mouthwatering map of the most delicious dishes on the planet as well as our top American favorites. To find out the REAL favorites, we'll check out diverse locations from four-star restaurants, to food carts, to private homes. Both locals and culinary experts will share their passion for their country's most beloved dishes along with a bit of the history behind the dish, some technique tips, and cultural lore."


#1 Birthday Food in Brazil: Brigadeiros

Brazil's birthday bonbon tastes like a fudgy truffle and 

is a huge part of birthday parties in the country.

 Aarti's recipe here.


If you recall, I reccently shared another recipe for Brigadeiros  on my Ode to Saveur entry.   I think this is kismet and I am a fool for not trying to make these, yet.  They are officially on my To Do list!


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