Saturday, June 27, 2015

Arnold, Dahling!

I'm referring to the Arnold Palmer.  Not so much the guy as a golfer, but as an iced tea drinker. It is my duty to tell you about this iced tea lemonade concoction just in case, like me, you are a late bloomer, and had no clue about its existence until your dad ordered one at a Cheesecake Factory this one time, and you were like, "Hey, dad, what's that you're drinking?"  And he tells you it's an "Arnold Palmer," with a tone that says, "My grown daughter is so strange and doesn't even know what an Arnold Palmer is."  So, I drink his, because, duh, he's my dad, so why wouldn't I gulp the drink he just ordered for himself?  He then orders another one for himself, with a bit of an attitude I might add.  I am too old to be doing these things, apparently.  But whatever.  Am now a big fan of a good Arnold Palmer.

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