Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sweet Stroll: Beyond Bread Review Part 2

1.    Name of Bakery: Beyond Bread (this is part 2 of my review)

2.    Part of the World: Three Locations in Tucson, Arizona

3.    Sight: Over 30 varieties of breads displayed on rustic-looking wood shelves ready for purchase.  Countless pastries lit up like a holiday in the chilled glass cases.

4.    Aroma: Busy place as is part restaurant and part bakery, and yet not one area is less than the other. This place is more an atmosphere than an aroma.  Beyond Bread has a perfect balance of eat-in meals (sandwiches and the like) and breads/pastries for eat-in or to go.

5.    Taste of Pastries:
        First, the Flourless Espresso Brownie was to die for! Dense, decadent, rich, chocolate-y, walnut-y and big enough to pace yourself over for a few days or share with others. Pretty flawless. My photo here was taken on the quick so doesn't do it much justice.


Second, the Chocolate Mousse Torte was reminiscent of European style bakeries. It had five-six layers/tiers (we ate it up so quickly we lost count!). The chocolate cake part was moist and the mousse was creamy, just right consistency. Here's my photo of this (will be reviewing a Tiramisu from another bakery soon):

        Third, the Lemon Bar.  Eh. Sometimes a lemon bar is just a lemon bar, y’know?

This concludes the two-part review of Beyond Bread from Tucson. My family and I would definitely return to any of the three locations again, and envy those who have such a place close to their home.

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  1. The mousse torte was amazing and reminiscent of European artistry. If only there was a place like this closer to home.