Friday, June 14, 2013

23rd Stop: Botswana

I very much would love to travel to Botswana "for reals" one day. The wonderful books by one of my favorite authors have made me long for this part of the world. Thank you, Alexander McCall Smith!

So, imagine my joy when I found this cookbook.

 Yes, this is the kind of thing I geek-out about:



My baking motivation is suffering from an overly-dramatic heat exhaustion I know is really plain laziness. Due to this, I have not tried to bake anything from this book (my local library doesn't have it and I am trying not to spend too much money on books! Argghh.  Not easy!) But here is a recipe for a perfectly named treat from this cookbook called Persuasive Fruit Cake.  If you are a fan of Mma Ramotswe you will appreciate this cake name completely. You know it is good because Mma Ramotswe would not make anything bad.  While focusing on Botswana today, I would like to share a blog with you I have found in my recent online culinary travels. I made a reference to this blog in a recent entry. The writer here has tried some recipes from Botswana and even shares photos from her life in Africa. She is awesome and can be found at A Hungry African.



Be well, my fellow international dessert travelers. 

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