Friday, June 28, 2013

Butter Knows

We're having a heatwave!  The butter knows...because I exposed it to the outdoors today in a little photo blog essay of sorts for my wonderful!  Of course, I know what you are thinking...butter ALWAYS knows.  Yes, I know that, too.  But this was fascinating nonetheless. Heat and butter go well might as well make the most of this heat.


The outdoor thermometer reads 121 degrees.  That's right.  121.  The TV and web news may be saying a high of 118. But I tell you, 121 it is (observe blurry photo below):



Butter ready for its close-up at 2:15 PM:



Butter at 2:20...FIVE minutes later:




Butter at 2:25...TEN minutes later:




Click here on "Why Butter is a Health Food."  



Enjoying the dog days of summer.



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  1. Ha! That's funny! I feel just like that butter!