Wednesday, August 1, 2012

1st Stop: Afghanistan

1st Stop: Afghanistan

Bakery Item: Sheer Yakh (Afghan Ice Cream)

What You Need:                                                         

Vanilla Ice Cream
Rose Water (chill in the fridge prior to using)
Pistachios (unsalted and finely chopped)

What You Do:

Pour ½ tsp. of rose water over 1-2 scoops of vanilla ice cream. Sprinkle the pistachios on top. Give it a try.


At first I thought I had proper ingredients to make some kind of edible perfume! After de-shelling the pistachios, I noticed they had a lovely, faint, baked sweetbread scent. Then, I took a whiff of the rose water. Well, I mean, c’mon! It was like smelling a bouquet of roses and I was quite hesitant to even sample this liquid on ice cream. Isn’t vanilla ice cream pretty perfect on its own? Then, there was the vanilla in the ice cream. Vanilla is a common “note” used in many perfumes. If I combine these three ingredients, I’ll have an edible perfume.

So, I gave it a try. ACTUALLY - it wasn’t perfume-y at all. The rose water is absolutely subtle and makes the dessert an elegant, fresh delicacy and I would recommend this to you if you're OK with having roses in your food. Now, so my review doesn't seem completely one-sided, I have included what my fellow Bakery Travelers who were with me during this 1st stop of the Bakery Traveler World Tour (BTWT) had to say:


Bakery Traveler Hubby: "Refreshing, but not that great."


Mini Bakery Travelers (aka my kids): "You added a WATER to ice cream?! So not trying it!"

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The Bakery Traveler World Tour stop is Albania.


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