Saturday, August 18, 2012

3rd Stop: Algeria

Tamina: Algerian Toasted Semolina and Honey Sweet.

What You Need and What You Do: Check-out the recipe at I followed the advice of one of the reviewers at in regards what to do if all you have access to is a fine semolina flour, as opposed to a medium or coarse ground semolina which the recipe suggests (as is the case in these parts). Therefore, I added some farina to this mix and then proceeded with caution as I never made anything quite like this before. The directions were very easy to follow, however, and I did adjust the butter and honey as needed, just as is recommended.  Please note the Harry Potter-like scar on the butter (in the photo below)! That was just a bonus!

This is a small dish. In Algeria, it is made to celebrate the birth of a baby. It is served on one plate, traditionally, and everyone gets a spoon to dig in! To get an idea how small this portion is, I used the top of a small espresso glass to make the circle designs. For a much better and far more skilled photo of a finished version, please consult the website I offer above. That photo is simply pretty. Mine is well...I'll call it rustic.

  My cinnamon shaker went a little overboard at first (observe the right side of the Tamina).

Review: As I toasted the semolina and farina, I must tell you the aroma wasn't that enticing. I think this is due to the fact that it was a new scent for me. Then, with butter and honey, I felt as though I were creating sand, as in the sand from a beach because that's pretty much what the mixture resembled. But, fingers crossed, I continued. So glad I did! Tamina is super-easy to make and extremely yummy.

The Bakery Traveler World Tour stop is Andorra.

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