Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose Is a Rose

A little rose water goes a long way. I purchased a bottle of four fluid ounces (as this was the only size available) as I embarked on my Bakery Traveler World Tour. I do believe this amount is equal to purchasing, um, like a gallon container of salsa from Costco for a recipe that only requires maybe a cup. By the way, above is a picture of a Lincoln rose, from my hubby's garden.
What to do with the rest of my rose water before I forget completely that I even own it?

Here are the top five edible suggestions I found (in other words suggestions that appeal to me the most...there’s actually so much one can do with rose water - it’s a bit overwhelming, but a lot like, “who knew?" unless, of course, you already knew!):

1.  Add a couple teaspoons to about two quarts of lemonade.

2.  Add a half teaspoon to your cup of green tea.

3.  Make Raspberry Scones with Rose Water Glaze (recipe here:

4.  Try Oranges in Sweet Rose Water (recipe here:

5.  Check-out the brilliant and their collection of desserts with rose water in them at

One final photo of this little trooper Lincoln rose. I call this rose a "trooper" as it's mighty hot in these parts still, and yet, look - blooming away!

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