Tuesday, September 4, 2012

5th Stop: Angola


Angola is a beautiful country in Africa, recovering from a 40-year civil war. Its primary language is Portuguese, and its most famous dessert is a custard treat called Cocada Amarela. This is considered a "western style dessert." It has been very challenging finding non-western desserts from Angola.  The best recipe I found for this custard calls for six egg yolks. I have four eggs total at the moment. The recipe also calls for grated coconut, which I do not have, either.  Normally, I would go to the store and get the ingredients - eggs, coconut....

But seeing the four eggs got me thinking...I'd like to try a non-western Angolan dessert more. And also - as trite as it may sound - the Arizona heat has got the best of me right now.


I urge you to go beyond this recipe (as I have on my own) and simply get to know this country a little bit more. There are countless people working toward a better Angola.


In fact, my research has been humbling. My lack of eggs - simply an embarrassment. (My laziness to drive in this heat to get the ingredients is - sigh- simply total laziness.)  Endless heat does that to you: makes you lazy!  If you, sweet readers, happen to know of a non-western Angolan dessert recipe, please share. I actually may come back to this western-style recipe at some point, mostly because I am still curious about it and my Bakery Traveler Hubby sure likes the sound of a coconut custard. In the meantime, I give you this recipe for Cocada Amarlea from a website after my own food traveling heart.




My next stop is Antigua and Barbuda. I vow not to let the heat influence my baking curiosities again.

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