Thursday, September 13, 2012

7th Stop: Argentina

Tarta de Ricota 

Ahhhh, Argentina, forgive my poor baking skills...









I knew I had over-baked this recipe. I am very new to making tart crusts. I over-baked the crust. Below is the tart cooling off. I know, I know, burnt edges. Sigh.


You might notice, I didn't have a proper tart pan with a removable bottom as the wonderful Rebecca from suggests.   Here is a photo of the ideal tart pan for this recipe:



So I figured, oh well, at least I tried. Then, I didn’t want to like it. I don’t know why - I guess because I knew it was a little overcooked, and I didn't have the proper pan.  But, wow, did I LOVE this!  The creamy ricotta and the lemon zest on top of a shortbread-tasting crust (even if over-baked) was decadent, yet, light. 




I can see (and taste) why Argentinians are fond of this treat. For more details (and the recipe I followed),  I encourage you to check-out the link below. You'll see a more appropriate photo of what a real Tarta de Ricota should look like and you'll learn more about its little origins as it made its journey from Italy to Argentina.

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