Thursday, September 20, 2012

8th Stop: Armenia

Armenian Nutmeg Cake


Like many recipes that catch my eye, the one I found for this promised to be easy. It was! Super easy. If you ever have anyone over for an afternoon coffee, try making one of these to impress. The only requirement is you (and your guest) like nutmeg. Because nutmeg rules here. I liked this cake. But my fellow Bakery Travelers in the house are not fans of nutmeg, so they didn't care for it as much as I did. 


Here is Armenia (see red arrow):


A cake with a crust - it is brilliant. Below is the crust in its early stages:

The mixture all ready to be baked:

And a final product, after being mostly gobbled-up:

The crust is really key (and really easy) in this cake. I mean, if you are fond of crusts, as I am, you will appreciate this. For excellent step-by-step instructions, check-out this link:

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