Thursday, September 6, 2012

6th Stop: Antigua & Barbuda

The baked treat above (photo courtesy of a mini-Bakery Traveler) is called Papaya Pie and is from Antigua and Barbuda. I found it to be easy (I love easy recipes best of all) and refreshing. Any treat that is refreshing is especially important right now in this wild west. It's September and temps are not going below 100 degrees - not during the day, when I'm awake.


Wild West:








 Antigua and Barbuda:







First off, you get to mash some ripe papaya, mix it with a tiny little bit of flour as well as a little sugar, cinnamon, lime juice, and lime zest. The recipe calls for a dab of orange extract, too. But I didn't have any and I don't think it mattered.To this papaya mash-up you add stiffened egg whites. This photo below is the egg whites in their early stage before becoming properly peaked to fold into the papaya mixture.

This photo below is of the mashed papaya mixture after the egg whites were folded in. So light!

Then, you pour the mixture into a medium (pre-made/bought) pie shell. I used this kind:

The recipe I followed (link is below) called for about 45 minutes of baking time. But my version (and probably my oven) required more time to get a little golden on top. It took me about 60 minutes.

I discovered this delightful recipe from  In addition, this recipe is found at a kindred-spirit blog called Travel by Stove and (same author from the site) is found here:  Thank you Travel by Stove!