Thursday, October 18, 2012

11th Stop: Azerbaijan

The Zebra Cake from Azerbaijan - kind of looks like a cake-i-fied version of some continent, doesn't it?  Completely unintentional.  As was my over-baking the cake. Arggghh. Sometimes I over-bake. I'm learning. I followed the recipe from very helpful website and yet, another arggghhh, my cake looks nothing like the one from the link above. Nonetheless! My version does look like an intricate rendition of an unknown continent. Here's a close-up:
Too bad I couldn't make it look like the actual country of Azerbaijan! But I wasn't going for a continental or country shape, anyhow.  Just got lucky! Here is Azerbaijan, so you can see, not much of a resemblance...or is there...?
While I did over-bake it, the cake was really fun to make. Here a scoop of cocoa powder stands tall before being blended into the yellow batter:

Once the cocoa was blended into the batter, it was spooned in with its non-cocoa counterpart.

I would go back to this recipe to make it again. I wouldn't over-bake it, hopefully. 40 minutes at 350 was too long for my oven. Also, I would add some kind of icing (maybe a dusting of powder sugar) on top to make it sweeter. Maybe because I over-baked it, the cake didn't have much flavor. But I think an icing would make it a total winner.

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