Thursday, October 25, 2012

12th Stop: The Bahamas

This lovely chunk of bread goodness is called Bahamian Johnny Cake. It pretty much tastes like cornbread. That's a good thing! However, it has less actual cornmeal in it than a typical cornbread recipe would require. So the texture is more smooth than cornbread. Johnny Cake is best served hot from the oven. In The Bahamas, people will eat this for breakfast with butter and jam (yum!), or enjoy it as an addition to a meal.

The process to follow for this recipe was so quick, that I nearly forgot to photograph any of it! Then, fortunately, I remembered. The dough is sticky and a bit hard to spread into the baking dish (make sure your baking dish is greased as this is very sticky stuff!).

I also had to bake this for 40 minutes as opposed to the suggested 30 to get that golden brown color that makes for a wonderfully crunchy top.

There are many recipes for Johnny Cakes from around the Caribbean, but I liked this one best because it allows you to decide on how much sugar to add (and this recipe, apparently, is more exclusive to The Bahamas).

Since I made this Johnny Cake to accompany a weeknight dinner, I added less sugar (about 1/8 of a cup) and it was just fine. All Bakery Traveler family members gave it a buttery thumbs-up.


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