Wednesday, October 3, 2012

9th Stop: Australia

Chocolate Crackle!

This is a super-easy and fun way to use good old Rice Krispies (toasted rice cereal). I've got to hand it over to the Australians - creating a kid-friendly, no-bake, rather regional Rice Krispie treat.

 Love that!

I can see why this is so popular down under.  

I'm guessing Chocolate Crackle is as famous as The Wiggles.

Yes, above is "down under."

And below are two of the main ingredients for Chocolate Crackle:

Right here (below) is what the mixture, pre-coconut oil looks like:

Post-coconut oil in little paper cups and being chilled in the fridge:

I was skeptical that these somewhat too gooey/runny cups would runneth over in bad flavor.  

That's right, I wrote that.

Hey - they were new to me. 

Chocolate Crackle after it'd been chilled for about an hour:

Mini-Bakery Travelers and their friends liked these a lot!  

Grown-ups liked these, too. They are awesome.

They are a light, coconut-y, chocolate-y, Rice Krispity treat. 

If you like these ingredients, you will love these wonders from down under!

That's right, I wrote that, too.

The recipe I followed is from here:



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