Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Morsel

Mug Shot


We've been reunited after a long, hot season in which I favored iced drinks to hot ones. Our relationship is, as you might say, a very hot and cold one! We've been carrying on like this for 15 years. So, as irreverent as it may seem, it totally works for us. With a recent chill in the air, I have been compelled to break-out the Earl Grey tea, and hence, this glossy, speckled earthy guy. Don't fret. He uses me as much as I use him. Take, for example, how I must hand wash him as opposed to top rack machine wash him. That makes him pretty high-maintenance to me! And, yet, I give in. So, here it is - my favorite mug's official mug shot. So much more attractive than any mug shot of Lindsay Lohan, isn't it?

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