Thursday, November 1, 2012

13th Stop: Bahrain

No ordinary demitasse of coffee, here, folks.

This one includes the likes of cardamom and saffron.  It called for "Gulf Coffee" which I did not have. But given Nescafe's international presence, I thought I'd use Nescafe as somehow that seemed right. Then, be still my beating heart, the recipe called for something I had an abundance of...

That's right, Rose Water. You might remember Rose Water made its debut in my blog back when I was in Afghanistan. And now that your wheels are turning, you've probably figured out that this coffee actually has Rose Water in it, too. 

Above is a photo of all the ingredients boiling together. (Except the Rose Water doesn't appear until a bit later.) Please also note that I am intentionally capitalizing Rose Water, as am gaining more respect for it as I travel.

All done, Rose Water now added.  I had myself a cup of Traditional Bahraini Cardamom Coffee. You know, when one goes to a bakery, one often has some coffee or another beverage that's made at the premises. Hence, going the beverage route for Bahrain seemed like the perfect thing to do. 

For such a small country, Bahrain is chock full of flavors.  I can think of only one word to describe this coffee:  REFRESHING!  I took the rest of the coffee and have put it in the fridge to chill. I think it will make a perfect afternoon iced-coffee drink.

The recipe I followed is right here:

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