Wednesday, November 7, 2012

14th Stop: Bangladesh

Bangladesh loves mangoes!  Still on a little bakery beverage leg of the tour, I thought I'd make a favorite Bangladeshi drink, called the Bangladeshi Mango Milkshake. If you like creamy and fruity drinks, then you'd probably like this.

Above are some of the main ingredients. If I had added a carton of milk to this photo, then you'd see all of the ingredients for this recipe. I chose to use 2% milk as opposed to the powdered milk suggestion in the recipe. Honestly, given the sweetness of the ingredients, you needn't add the sugar at all (the recipe calls for one tablespoon of sugar). The recipe also calls for two ripe mangoes, but I couldn't find any! No worries - at the suggestion of a Bakery Traveler friend, I used frozen mango chunks instead. (I used two cups of the frozen mango chunks, as per the serving sizes on the package.)

All the ingredients blended into a creamy, milky froth. The milk to mango ratio was marvelous. So, go ahed and use frozen mango chunks if need be - you'll be fine.

An elegant milkshake, don't you think? I thought so! My little Bakery Travelers, however, did not like it. They were expecting something more like a smoothie (made with a juice as opposed to milk).  Their loss.  It would have been a good way to sneak in some protein and calcium for them, too. Stubborn little tigers. 

I found the recipe (apparently written by an 11 year old from Bangladesh!) here:

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