Wednesday, November 21, 2012

16th Stop: Belarus

If fruit could be categorized as models, then apples would be supermodels. So photogenic. I'd totally work with them again (but with a different on).




Belarusian Sweet Apple Pie made with Sour Apples:

Everything about this recipe and its style is rustic. Nothing risky. Somewhat plain in flavor (I'd add a little cinnamon to the top if I were to make it again). Still, I'm glad I ran with it because I love apples. 

So pretty - look at 'em all elegantly sliced:

I added butter - something told me this recipe needed it (it did...well, it didn't hurt):

And now...egg, sugar, flour mixture on top (this is where I would have added just a little cinnamon):

All baked:

I convection-baked this at 325 degrees for 60 minutes.

Again, rustic. Bakery Travelers didn't care for this much. I didn't care for it that much, either. Which is sad because I do love apples. However, if you have someone who doesn't care for much flavor in a dessert, then this would be a good choice. I know, hard to believe, but I have met people who actually don't care for dessert. I cannot explain this phenomenon or these people. The phenomenon just is, the people just are.

Recipe is  at:

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