Thursday, November 15, 2012

15th Stop: Barbados

Hello Barbados! Hello trusty ingredients! 

When I see a recipe with cake mix and pudding, I know it's going to be good. You should know this, too. You will not go wrong with this combo.

Chocolate Rum Cake is a treat traditionally associated with Christmas on this Caribbean island. I researched this to be sure, as it seemed a little "too American" to me at first, what with using cake mix and pudding. I wouldn't steer anyone wrong...not on purpose anyway. Granted, the ingredients represent modern conveniences to which I say, once again, "Hello!"

Mixed all together and put into a bundt pan, the batter looks pretty low here (below), but she rises into quite the beauty. The recipes calls for nuts, by the way, but I didn't feel like adding them. The cake doesn't need them. It's perfect all on its own.

Once out of the oven, the cake gets soaked in a buttery rum sugar glaze. See the glaze soaking into the cake (below). The more glaze that soaks into the cake, the better.

Now she is done. (I am using the pronoun "she" on purpose, as that is a Bajan thing to do.) Look at how proud she stands (below). She might look too unadorned, but her flavor is chocolatey, moist, and rich. No icing needed for this rum-soaked cake.

One last photo, before I ate it:

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