Thursday, November 29, 2012

17th Stop: Belgium

Hearty. Belgium. This is Pom Koek, also known as Belgian Coffee Cake. It looks like a sweet bread and is more like a heavy sweet quick bread than a coffee cake. The beauty of this recipe, however, is that it actually has coffee in it. Which is very appropriate for Belgium - a country that takes its coffee very seriously. I learned that here. I would love to have coffee in Belgium - especially at a well-know cafe called Caffenation.  I digress. But it's really easy to digress with this recipe because, well, it was just so-so. It is kind of plain. All I could think about while trying this was how much better it would be with peanut butter. I'm not sure that's a great sign. But I like that this is a traditional recipe.


The recipe calls for a cup of honey and a cup of coffee. 

Here it is in its doughy form:

Here it is once done and I started thinking about adding peanut butter to it.  A toasted slice of this with peanut butter would fill you up. That would make a nice breakfast on the go.


I couldn't taste the coffee at all. Honestly, I used half a cup of honey as a cup of it, in addition to a half cup of sugar, just seemed like way too much sweetening going on for this kind of coffee cake.




Recipe for Pom Koek:

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